Is it unconstitutional for teachers to have tenure? Do the cons outweigh the pros?


There have been a lot of lawsuits filed against teacher tenure alleging that it violates student civil rights under the state’s constitution. Teacher tenure are laws that are put in place to protect teachers against termination of employment, it usually has to be gained through a probationary period and approved through the school’s administrator. I researched quite a bit of on this and I can see where the cons outweigh the pros. I can also see where these laws are abused by certain teachers as well as how it affects the educational system. Over the years, society has seen an increase of sexual abuse with teachers and students which have led to the teacher being sent home on a paid leave while the investigation is ongoing and in most cases, the end result is settling the case and sending the teacher back to work. Society has also witnessed underperforming teachers who are currently teaching students which sometimes leads to academic underachievement. I’ve listed some of the pros and cons below and also the links of where you can find additional information.
Do you think that teacher tenure is unconstitutional? Since varies from state to state (in Florida a teacher has to wait 3+ years; 2 years in South Carolina; no specification in North Dakota), do you think the probationary period should be more universal state to state? More importantly, do the cons outweigh the pros?
Pro-Tenure protects teachers from being prematurely fired after a student makes a false accusation or a parent threatens expensive legal action against the district; Con-Tenure is unpopular among educators and the public.
Pro-Tenure encourages the careful selection of qualified and effective teachers; Con-Tenure does nothing to promote the education of children.
Pro-tenure allows teachers to work more effectively since they do not need to be in constant fear of losing their job; Con-Tenure lets experienced teachers pick easier assignments and leaves difficult jobs to the least experienced teachers.
Pro-Teacher tenure is a justifiable reward for several years of positive evaluations by school administrators; Con-tenure makes it costly for schools to remove a teacher with poor performance or who is guilty of wrongdoing.
Con-Most school board presidents criticize teacher tenure.