Google & Apple Earns FBI’s Wrath Over Privacy via Cellular Phones

The FBI is upset because of Apple & Google’s software encryption apps will prevent them from spying on their customer’s phone. The FBI is very concerned with this because it limits the department’s ability to monitor crime and terrorism, thus it will also allow people to place themselves above the law. Though the FBI may still be able to implant malware to access someone’s stored data, it will not be as easy as accessing it through Google or Apple. To counter this, the FBI may be working on a backdoor program with the government because Apple and Google are extremely committed to the privacy of their customers.


Do you think Google and Apple should allow the FBI to monitor cell phones? Do you think this could make criminals feel like they’re above the law? Would you mind having your data viewed by the FBI or do you think it is a breach of your privacy (even if you’re not doing any criminal activity)?