Sunday Message: Everyone Has A Prophetic Calling


In continuation of my Sunday posts on the Lord, I did read a couple chapters from the book of Ezekiel. Right now, I am learning that the God has decided to send Ezekiel to Israel to warn the people in an exact order. He also wants Ezekiel to eat certain meals at certain times, drink at certain times, and also lay on the left side of the bed so that he can bear the sin of the house of Israel upon himself for 390 days and after that, Ezekial is to lay on the right side of the bed for 40 days which is equivalent to one day a year for the house of Judah (Ezekiel 4:4). The Lord also commanded Ezekiel to eat certain meals over excrement (human feces) in front of everyone in the nation and Ezekiel refused. I laughed a little bit because of the way he refused, he said “Not so, Sovereign Lord! I have never defiled myself or eaten anything found dead or torn by wild animals.” Now there is a method to the Lord’s madness because the first verse of Chapter 4, explained in detail that Ezekiel was to build a siege made of iron and draw the city of Jerusalem on one side and draw the house of Israel on the other side and this let me know that Ezekiel was preparing himself to do great things.
The message I received from this passage was that the Lord has requirements that are meant to make us feel belittled because of a bigger objective we need to achieve. Everything is not going to peaches and cream, something’s are going to be difficult and extremely difficult. The Lord’s response to Ezekiel’s refusal was “Very well, I will let you eat your bread over cow manure instead of human excrement.” The message I received from this passage is that the Lord will meet you halfway, he understands how we feel and is very patient. We as humans are so prideful and that is okay, it is just a problem when we become too prideful but seeing Ezekiel’s pride made me feel better because I realized that I can overcome and accomplish what the Lord requires of me. Why? Ezekiel did it and he did it over cow manure and the last time I checked, the Lord has not asked me to do that so what am I complaining about?
I also did a little research on Ezekiel and I found this blog by Thomas Gumbleton titled “Each of us is called to be a Prophet and share Jesus’ message” This blog reminded me that like Ezekiel, Jesus was also a prophet which means that he wouldn’t ask us to do anything he wouldn’t do or has not done. We sometimes forget that once we are baptized, we all have the same prophetic calling to speak on the behalf of God. I hope this message is received to whoever needs it at this moment and I hope you all have a blessed week. Spiritual Message: We are never too prideful to do the Lord’s work. Spiritual Song of the Day: Here I Am To Worship by Anthony Evans.


Sunday Message: Encourage Yourself in the Lord and be Blessed

Good Evening Everyone,

I usually post a variety of topics but I have decided today (Sundays especially) to dedicate my Sunday posts to the Lord. Now usually, today is my church day but because I had to move back to Florida on such short notice, I haven’t found another church though I still read my bible and pray as I listen to my gospel on Pandora.

Today my message and my personal prayer is to encourage yourself in the Lord and stay blessed. We really need the grace of God to see us through all of our goals as well as our setbacks. I dont know about you but every semester at John Jay College, i would cry at least two times (and im not talking about quiet pretty tears, Im talking about the ugly ones that sound like you’re choking) because everything is so overwhelming. you have professors telling you that you didn’t cite your research paper properly and that it was “almost plagiarism”, your employer is telling you that he’ll fire you the next time you come to work late, your children may be sick or acting out in school—these are all situations you have to deal with while you’re accomplishing your dreams. So to keep my sanity and humility, I have to encourage myself in the Lord. When I pray, it is more like I am speaking to the Lord conversationally and when I am done, I feel better about whatever it may be and I am at peace.

Today I read the first chapters of Ezekiel and I did look up a summary so that I could better understand it. The message I received from it was to always seek out the Lord in dark times when we feel lost, to examine our own life, and to align ourselves with the one true God. By the way, my spiritual song of the day is “Good or Bad” by J. Moss.

Audience, did you attend church today or listen to any spiritual songs? If so, what was the message today? If you dont attend church regularly, do you read your bible and pray?

I hope to hear from you.


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Part time CVS worker, full time student, volunteer research assistant & a Delta intrest???

This Boy's Life (film)
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I just started my new job at CVS as a photo lab assistant last week (about 26 hours) and it is very overwhelming. I am constantly on my feet from the moment I walk in and it is non stop. My commute from work to school takes me at least an hour on the #2 train and by the time I get to school, I am so exhausted. I only have time to grab a  cup of coffee and pray that I don’t fall asleep in this 3 hour class. I have not worked like this since I was a freshman and now I am seeing why it took me almost four years to get a two-year degree. I am thankful I have a job due to the economy but it is making me rethink my schedule and my time management skills. For example, next semester I highly doubt that I’ll be taking any 3 hour evening classes because I don’t have that boost of energy that I normally have in the mornings and instead of listening to Pandora on the way to work and school, I’ll be reading “This Boy’s Life” by Tobias Wolff. I should be on page 117 and I’m on page 30 (definitely behind in that class).

To make matters more complicated, I took on a position as a research assistant (about 4 to 6 hours each week) for the criminal justice department. I did it because I am a junior now and it doesn’t look good on my resume or cv that I have no research experience. I figured I need to start on this asap because I do plan on going to graduate school right after I graduate. I am also a Delta Sigma Theta interest who attends monthly events and gatherings because someday I will be hopefully joining. My plate is pretty full so hopefully everything balances out.

WHY am I paying out-of-state tuition for the whole year???!!!

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Florida State University
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When I graduated in spring 2011 from a Florida community college, I was sooooo happy. I had applied to finish my bachelor’s at University of South Florida, Florida State University and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. I didn’t get accepted into FSU because I didn’t take statistics and when I got accepted into John Jay, I was ecstatic because that was my number one choice. I did get accepted into USF but I had already made preparations to move to New York. At the time, I was unaware that moving to New York was going to harder than I expected and this was partly because John Jay does not offer student housing. The loan I was forced to take out covered out-of-state tuition and books which left me with a work-study job to pay my weekly rent and food. I was devastated but troubles don’t last always right???

Anyway, I was going through my finances during the winter break and I realized that when I become a New York resident for the 2012 academic year, I will have to take out an additional loan just to pay for student housing on a nearby universities campus. Im feeling like I can’t win for losing because I really didn’t take all of this into consideration before I made my final decision. I don’t regret my decision because my degree is a specialty and I will also be getting the masters as well.

I honestly feel like colleges who do not offer student housing should require students to pay out-of-state tuition for a semester instead of the academic year. Majority of the students who attend out of state schools probably would not if their programs were offered in their state. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of why I turned down USF because I really miss the fact that I’m not getting the full college experience with meeting new roommates and having the ability to be in different clubs.

I do have an appointment on Monday with a public assistance program at the college so hopefully, they can help me out. I am also going to the workforce center to get any additional info or leads on jobs because Indeed, SnagAjob and Craigslist are just not working fast enough. I am tired of hearing “We just started the interview process, so we’ll let you know in about three to four weeks or some companies wait until they receive 50+ applicants and then start interviewing for one position. It’s a waste your time and the companies.

Fall Semester Disappointment

Autumn in New York
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The fall semester grades are finally in and I am a a little disappointed in myself. I received an A- in  Latino Studies, B- in Abnormal Psychology, C in Philosophy and another C in Cognitive Psychology. My g.p.a is a 2.6 and I really needed it to be at least a 3.0 to apply for scholarships and to a research program called McNair Scholars. Though I am extremely disappointed in myself, I do applaud myself for surviving in New York. I gave up a good job,  a new car and my own apartment to finish my bachelor’s degree at one of the greatest schools in New York. And honestly, it has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I have learned so much in one semester. The schooling system is entirely different from Florida because Florida does not give C+ or A- which makes it easier to pass the class. New York on the other hand, you really have to be on your A game because to get at least a B- because one C could destroy your g.p.a. I dont regret anything, it just makes me see where my weaknesses are and now I know for a fact that I have to wake up reading, go to sleep reading and read during my free time. Thats my life for the next two years.

Besides that, I have finally decided on a minor. Since my bachelor’s and my masters degree will be in forensic psychology, I decided that a minor in health and physical education would be good for me. I was going to take counseling but I am sure I’ll learn about counseling more in depth but right now, I am really excited about the p.e classes. I have about 18-21 credits to take for the minor and the classes range from kick boxing, yoga, cardiovascular, aerobics, stress management, etc.

I am looking forward to the spring semester. I am taking two history classes, a math and physical education. These classes seem like they balance out and they’re not so reading intensive….hopefully

Forensic Psychologist Overview

Forensic psychology is when you apply psychology to the field of criminology and the law. Majority of the forensic psychologists need a doctoral degree in either clinical or counseling psychology to open up their private practice or diagnose patients in a facility. Their salaries range from $40,000 to $90,000 and the field is very open. You can be a criminal profiler for the CIA, an investigator for the police department, or a you can work in a mental health ward. I would like to work in a mental health ward and continue to do research studies while teaching college courses.

I will be graduating with my bachelor’s in early 2013 but I will not even be halfway done investing in my education. It will almost be ten years when I have everything completed but it is worth it. Besides, there is nothing else to do with the looks of the economy. I also know that I will be in debt with student loans before I graduate but that is the risk I am taking. I hope it is true what they say….knowledge is far more than riches.

Arriving to Class late is ALWAYS Disrespectful

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
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As you all know, I am currently in my junior year at John Jay College and forensic psychology is my major. My cognitive psychology class starts at 8am to 9:15 on monday and wednesdays and there are always three to five students who come to class around 8:45. When they come in, the teacher tries not to stop the lecture or make it seem noticeable but it is and it irritates me because it is the same students. My class is consisted of lower juniors and upper sophomores so there is no excuse why this keeps happening.To accommodate them, sometimes my teacher will start the lecture fifteen minutes later and they still come late.

Now that the semester is almost over, I just ignore it and glance at the students when they come in. It does not bother me as much as it did but I can not help but wonder whether they know that this is very disrespectful to the teacher or maybe they do not care. I am not saying that students should never be late to class because I have been late (about fifteen minutes) at least twice but there is a problem when it is consistent. I also think that the students who settle for less are the ones who almost always make C’s and wonder why their gpa never goes beyond a 2.6. Getting up a little earlier is not as bad as it seems and if you train yourself to do that, then you will find out that you will be early to class even in bad weather

Asking RELEVANT Questions in Class

College students would rather not buy college books they will not use.It is understandable because textbooks range from one to two hundred dollars and if you are taking more than two classes, it is quite a fortune. Websites like Amazon or BookRenter make it easier to rent textbooks at a reasonable price and then ship the books back at the end of the semester. Some professors also use their own books so that you can take notes from the power point in class or print pages via blackboard to substitute spending money on textbooks. They truly understand the struggle and they make it a little easier if they can. They were once in our shoes.

With all of these options available to students, some will still decide that renting a $200 textbook for $50 is not worth it, so they take their chances anyway knowing that they have a fifty percent chance of passing the course. They humor me because the questions they ask are not even relevant to the subject matter and the questions they ask tend to confuse them more. When the midterm is coming up, they “expect” the teacher to do a review to make sure they have all of the notes but it is not enough. Teachers deliberately give you the basic information they expect you to know so that you can go home and actually study by reading the chapters. That way, when you come to class for the review, you can ask relevant questions on what you need them to go over.

Psychology classes are reading intensive and I have found that even if I cannot possibly read the twenty page chapter, skimming does work and I can go in-depth on what the chapter is really about. Then the exam time is a piece of cake because all I am doing is recalling information I previously went over. My cognitive psychology class is at eight a.m and the three students who chose not to buy the textbook, will ask questions that take up at least ten minutes of class time and sometimes we do not finish the lecture. It angers me sometimes because if they would have skimmed the chapter before class or late last night, then maybe they would ask relevant questions and stay on topic.

Rain turning into Snow???

Snowflake. Small microscope kept outdoors. Sna...
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Have you ever seen rain turn into snow for the very first time? It can be more scary than exciting if you are by yourself. And if you are wearing ballerina shoes with thin socks, you are definitely in for a surprise. As you all know, I moved to New York about three months ago and adapting to the weather has been a challenge for me. I anticipated actually seeing snow sometime in late December so purchasing gloves, ear muffs, and thick socks was on my to do list. On this particular day, I was not even wearing a thick sweater.

This photo is a snapshot taken outside of John Jay College on October 29, 2011around 6:00 p.m

This picture was taken outside on my way home near Broadway.

At this time, I was not as scared as before, maybe the train ride calmed my nerves but I was excited and I text my mom and all my friends who were laughing at me. I was happy I experienced snow for the first time and I realized that it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The fact that I was alone experiencing it played a huge role. My roommate said the weather will probably be in the mid 30’s so I will definitely make sure I stock up on my winter gear.

Scholarship Essay

Hello and thank you for viewing my blog (you can tell I’m new at this lol). I am currently a sophomore at John Jay College and I’ve been researching a lot of scholarships that require essays so I decided to post one that I’ll be submitting next month. I would love to hear feedback or comments

Tallahassee’s New Beginnings

            Moving can be time consuming and very stressful. Sometimes you have to take time off from work to meet with leasing agents and see floor plans. It may take anywhere from a week to a month searching for an apartment that fits your needs. If the bathroom is too small or whether or not it has a patio can change a “yes” to a “no” within seconds. is a free listing website that offers renters the ability to find apartments based on their preferences (square feet, price, amenities, and photos) to ease the stress of searching for that perfect apartment. You can also contact the leasing agent to book an appointment or request a brochure for more information. makes apartment searching a lot easier, which is why I chose to use them on my big move from New York to Florida.

My ideal apartment is spacious (living room and den), with a medium sized bathroom and a washer/dryer included on the second or third floor. I would also like a small kitchen area with a breakfast nook in case I may want to watch television from the kitchen. A walk in closet would definitely satisfy my shoe fetish, which is a very big deal because all of my heels have to have their very own shoe box. My ideal apartment complex would also need to offer free high speed internet and a twenty four hour fitness center to accommodate my early morning work outs. And let’s not forget about my five pound Chihuahua Reese’s Pieces, who needs to be walked five times a day while having an adequate amount of grass to play in

When I first saw the Twin Oaks at Southwood, I knew it was the one. It was like love at first site. While touring through the photos, I could see that the two bedroom/ two bathroom was 1263 square feet and that it was only $1005 per month, which was suitable for my budget.  I could also view the floor plans to see the difference between having a two bedroom/ one bathroom and having a two bedroom/ one bath with a car garage. It really excited me that this particular community gave me options and it was located not too far from Tallahassee Community College. The only thing to do next was to call the leasing agent and book an appointment. I knew that was a reputable company with great reviews, so being disappointed was not going to be an issue.

In the beginning of October, I met with Cynthia to actually see the apartment. Instead of being shown the model apartment, Cynthia decided to show me the exact apartment I would be moving in, which helped to ease my nerves. While walking up the stairs to Grape Myrtle, I admired how clean the area was and how good everything smelled. When I walked into my apartment, I instantly noticed the dark brown carpet matching the light brown painted walls and as I walked through the den to go to the kitchen, I was pleased to see that the space was roomy without interfering with the living room. The kitchen had dark brown marble counter tops similar to the dark brown tile flooring equipped with stain-less steel appliances. The breakfast nook was located near the finish and it was large enough to accommodate four to six people. As I made my way from the kitchen to the foyer, I was delighted to see the view of the solarium. Everything was beginning to feel perfect and I had not even explored the bedrooms. In the master bedroom, I was happy to see the walk in closet alongside the bathroom, which was bigger than I thought. The laundry room separated the two bedrooms and the second bedroom had a scenic view of the city side. In high spirits, Cynthia and I walked back to the leasing office to sign over the deposit and she wishes me luck on my new beginning in Tallahassee, Florida. Thank you for making my moving experience stress-free and comfortable.