About Ericka

My name is Ericka and I am currently a sophomore attending John Jay College. I am originally from Florida so moving to New York and adapting to a different atmosphere has really been a challenge. My first semester at John Jay is almost over and I have learned so much….I honestly do not regret moving here and I now know that everything really does happen for a reason. My drive for being successful is ten times higher and I am doing things like volunteering and investing in myself. I meet with a mentor every week to work on my writing skills which has led me to learn about other things I should be doing besides just going to class. For example, a lot of sophomores are not aware that they need be developing their cv, volunteer experience or researching scholarships they qualify for instead of taking out federal loans. One of my biggest burdens that I am constantly dealing with would be time management.  Everything on your schedule can possibly get done if you manage your time well but knowing your time capacity plays a huge role in that. And I am still struggling with my time capacity….the things I would like to have done in an hour does not take an hour and some things can wait until the weekend instead of crunching so I can sleep in. Who ever said that college students are not multi-taskers lied…seriously.

So far I have been trying to fit volunteering into my schedule as well as writing scholarship essays for the upcoming semester. I have also been trying to decide how I can spend Christmas and New Years  with my mom and sis but the funds may be an issue. Besides that, I now know that I would like to pursue graduate school instead of law school so sometime in the summer or fall of next year, I have to look into research internships. Branding yourself is like starting a business and seeing it through stage by stage. While I am pushing myself and fulfilling my dreams, I am learning different things about myself and I am growing. It truly is a wonderful feeling.


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