Domestic Violence & The NFL: Five Things Roger Goodell Needs to Know

It is unfortunate that domestic violence is becoming an ordinary crime. Like Julie Dicaro stated, there is a psychological dynamic that takes place between an abuser and his victim that most of of us will never truly understand but I also know that there are a handful of women who snap and when they do, there are only three choices left. Either run for the rest of their life because they become prey to their abusers (stalkers), instantaneously kill their abusers under duress known as post traumatic stress disorder and spend their lives in prison, or be killed by their abusers. There is never a happy ending to these stories.

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I don’t blame people who don’t get it. I didn’t get it for a long time. In fact, it wasn’t until I was sitting in domestic violence court with a client, holding her jaw (which was clearly broken) closed as she sought a civil Order of Protection, that I got it. I was the only person there on her side. Her ex-husband, who had put her in the hospital more than once, showed up to court with a Bible, his pastor, and a host of church members ready to attest to his excellent character. He was a “great guy.”

RayRiceElevatorVideoDomestic violence is an ugly, dirty, soul-sucking corner of American life. Before I was lucky enough to get to talk about sports on the radio, I spent years in domestic violence and family court, both as as a defender of abusers and as an advocate for victims. I’m ashamed to say…

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