Mind Over Matter: The Power of Clear Thinking

MindHave you ever wondered why you or others are curious or borderline nosey? Well according to licensed clinical social worker Robin Zarel, being curious opens the door to be more fully present to really explore what is impacting present difficulties. More often than not, people do not always welcome curiosity due to fear of the unknown rather than welcoming the questions that arise. When you confront curiosity, you promote healing and growth which may give the person a sense of relief or happiness. When you do not confront curiosity out of fear, it can hinder progress and resolution. Since we can only control our behavior and not our thoughts, Robin has shed light on some tips to address our curiosity:

(If your thoughts are potentially harmful to yourself or others, you need to speak to an appropriate professional).

  1. The next time you have a curious thought, do not let it berate you or try to fight it. Instead give it a name like “There You Go Again” or “Blanche from the Golden Girls” and you will have immediately decreased the power.
  2. Notice the feelings that are attached to the curious thought. Is it anger? Is it guilt? When you do this, it allows you to think about it and see if it is really worth battling yourself.
  3. Evaluate your behavior when dealing with your curiosity. Are you clenching your teeth or increasing your blood pressure? This step will allow you to become more aware of mind-body connections and how this may be affecting you in the worse way.

“Curiosity may or may have not killed the cat, but it doesn’t have to kill you. Instead consider that curiosity is the birth of all possibilities.”—Dan Siegel





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