Job Searchers: How to Follow Up Like You Mean It

I was reading yet another article on and I was a little shocked at how much you really have to do after the interview but also what you have to do after already you’ve applied for the position (that probably took about two hours including the questionnaire). Apparently, after you have applied for the position, you should write a 100 word email to the company about why you applied to the company, what attracted you to the company, and how it would be so awesome to work for this company. This email should be sent separate from the cover letter and shouldn’t sound generic (like cover letters tend to). You should also contact your inside person (if you have one) and ask about the hiring time frame so you don’t take a vacation and miss out on an opportunity. After that, you should call or send the human resources manager an email and ask them whether or not they have any questions for you because you are very interested in the position but don’t contact the person more than 3 times because anything after that is definitely unattractive.
Once you land the interview, make sure you to send a thank you email within an hour after the interview because it makes the person feel genuine whereas they’ll put you in the top 5 for the job. Also send a handwritten thank you note because most employers will find that charming and it will set you apart from everyone else.


Do you think all of this is really necessary or is this just going above and beyond? Have you ever done all of this and did it land you the job?


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