Do Charter Schools Deserve Equal Funding???

About five families in Buffalo and Rochester have filed lawsuits challenging the state’s persistent under funding of public charter schools. The gap comes from charter schools having to pay for their facility costs, plumbing and other maintenance. In Buffalo, charter schools receive about $9800 less per student in district schools; in Rochester charter students receive $6600 less than district students. This is important because most of the Charter schools are the best in the nation and they’ve helped students from underprivileged backgrounds score at the top of statewide achievement tests. This lawsuit could set a precedent for the education system.

Do you think that charter schools should receive equal funding or would this be more of a disadvantage for the public district schools? If you have children or attended charter schools, did you have a better quality education?

As for myself, I definitely think this would put more of a public district schools at a disadvantage. I’ve never attended a charter school so I can’t really comment on that, but I can say is that quality has a lot to do with quantity because in reading the article, I see that these public charter schools do not have extra funds for extracurricular activities or field trips (versus public schools) because they have to put their funds back into maintenance and pay for the facility space. I also think that quality can’t just come from who is teaching your child but rather what you are also doing with your child as a supplement to what their learning in the classroom. Though my mother worked two jobs and I rarely saw her in the mornings, she was always popping up at my middle school to see my teacher and when I got really behind in my history class (yes I hated it that much lol) she hired a tutor for me.


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