Part time CVS worker, full time student, volunteer research assistant & a Delta intrest???

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I just started my new job at CVS as a photo lab assistant last week (about 26 hours) and it is very overwhelming. I am constantly on my feet from the moment I walk in and it is non stop. My commute from work to school takes me at least an hour on the #2 train and by the time I get to school, I am so exhausted. I only have time to grab a  cup of coffee and pray that I don’t fall asleep in this 3 hour class. I have not worked like this since I was a freshman and now I am seeing why it took me almost four years to get a two-year degree. I am thankful I have a job due to the economy but it is making me rethink my schedule and my time management skills. For example, next semester I highly doubt that I’ll be taking any 3 hour evening classes because I don’t have that boost of energy that I normally have in the mornings and instead of listening to Pandora on the way to work and school, I’ll be reading “This Boy’s Life” by Tobias Wolff. I should be on page 117 and I’m on page 30 (definitely behind in that class).

To make matters more complicated, I took on a position as a research assistant (about 4 to 6 hours each week) for the criminal justice department. I did it because I am a junior now and it doesn’t look good on my resume or cv that I have no research experience. I figured I need to start on this asap because I do plan on going to graduate school right after I graduate. I am also a Delta Sigma Theta interest who attends monthly events and gatherings because someday I will be hopefully joining. My plate is pretty full so hopefully everything balances out.


One thought on “Part time CVS worker, full time student, volunteer research assistant & a Delta intrest???

  1. John Jr March 5, 2012 / 5:53 pm

    Wow! Good luck, that definitely seems like too much to me, but at least you have a job & are going to school; some of us are less fortunate. 😉

    I wish you well. 🙂


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